"Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it."

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We stopped checking for monsters under our beds when we realized they were inside us.

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We went to the party, and, as I figured, some of the guests laughed and made comments. One said to me, “Do you think this is funny? There are kids here. You want them to see this?” Another said, “You want him to be gay?”  
And I stayed calm. And I explained to them the best I could that there is no correlation between kids cross-dressing and being gay. And if he is gay, it’s not because of anything I did. It’s because he’s gay. And maybe it’s a stage. And maybe it’s not. But either way, I don’t want him to ever feel like he wasn’t able to express himself because his parents didn’t support him. And some understood. And some, trapped by religion or ignorance, gave us the stank face. 
Plenty of people are supportive. They’ll see my kids — Sydney with her long dirty blonde hair, and Asher with his short dark hair, and say, “I love your daughter’s pixie cut.” When I tell them he’s my son, they smile and say, “I love it.” They also apologize for confusing his gender, but I tell them, “Don’t apologize. He’s in a purple dress with sparkly shoes. How would you know?” I know there are parents who get worked up when you confuse their kids’ gender, but I’m not one of them.
I get home before my wife most nights, so I was taking the kids out to walk our dog. They were dressing up in different outfits, my daughter treating Asher like her doll, as she tried various dresses, shoes, and headbands on him. And then Sydney told me she wanted me to wear a dress, too — “Oh my god, it will be so funny.”
I said, “No,” but she kept begging. I said, “People will laugh at me.” She said, “If they do, I’ll tell them to go away.” And I couldn’t argue with that, as I squeezed myself into Carrie’s most flexible dress. We walked the dog on our block, and the pleasure my kids took in seeing their dad go out of his comfort zone trumped the humiliation I felt.
Carrie pulled up to the house, and I saw her slacked jaw from the end of the street. She laughed. She took a picture. And she told me I better not rip her dress. And then we all went for a pizza.

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"Watching" by Shelby McQuilkin

She sits resting, watching the other dancers, waiting for her next part.  She’s enjoying a moment to breathe, to think about what comes next.  She’s a seasoned dancer, not a young impatient beginner.  She still gets nervous before a performance, but she’s mature enough to handle her emotions.  She’s performed many times and still has many performances left in her.  She watches the other dancers knowing her hard work and determination has brought her to where she always dreamed she would be. 


The guy Sheldon accidentally propositions is actually his IRL boyfriend. I could barely contain my glee. 


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In response to Nash Grier using “fag.”

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I must have watched Shrek about fifty times, but only last night did I notice that Lord Faarquad pops a boner when the mirror shows him Fiona.





Christ on a bike!


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Now tell me that fate doesn’t exist.

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I want a horror game with a mic set that relies on you being quiet when there is a monster or something, because the sound you make, not your character, but you lures it and gives away your position so if you scream or breath heavily it can give you away so you play most of the game in mute terror







or purposefully shout to draw it say for like a challenge or to save a friend in multiplayer or something

oh my god shannon never make video games that is terrifying


Now that’s what I call next gen

watching a friend play it and yelling YO UGLY SHE’S OVER HERE

>:D All the trolling!

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